Merced Es Benz Book Works
Gentle Art Trolley 
The Hardy Tree Trolley  
The Shiner
The Seedless Grape 
I do drink, yes, in bars. The Nervemeter 
Line IT
Way Out Man IT 
What Fresh Hell IT
My London The Nervemeter
For the Suppression of Savage Customs Art + Music 
Dead Beat Escapism Coelacanth Journal No.9 
Special School The White Review 
The Playgrind IT 
Lick Brain IT
12 Steps (rev.) The Nervemeter (ref.) 		
That's why Your Mum went to Iceland Strike! 
The Heydays of Heygate (R.I.P.) Art + Music 
Y1, Y2, YMe? The Nervemeter 
Trolleyology p1 - p2 Trolley  
The Devil is Dope Strike!
Rot in Pieces IT
Circles + Psychos IT 
Romper Suit IT  
Good Lord IT 
The Wanker The Milan Review of the Universe
The OMG Quiz 60pp 
I could turn you (in seconds) IT 
Untitled Smoke: A London Peculiar Why I Read Writer's Hub Time is A Sausage She Said! IT
Green Felt Hat


Clear Spot, ResonanceFM 07 Oct 2015
ph7 Optical Radio 12 March 2014
Test Centre, ResonanceFM 07 June 2013 
Dissident Island Radio 03 Feb 2011 

purgexxx: I Hate the Internet, w. Jarrett Kobek, Burey Fischer 4 Nov 2016
Chalton Gallery 9 July 2016
Cambridge Folk Club, Tin Tabernacle 6 July 2016 Cambridge Folk Club, Tin Tabernacle 1 June 2016
Goldsmiths 25 April 2016 Trash'd 3 Dec 2015 Lit Kitch Festival 15 Oct 2015 Schizm 8 @ X Marks the Bokship 02 Oct 2015 In Yer Ear #10 29 Mar 2015 Strike! Flaxon Ptooch 07 Jan 2015 The Blue Rooms, Huddersfield 17 Dec 2014 Brixton Book Jam 01 Dec 2014 Easycome 19 Dec 2014 In Conversation w. The Nervemeter @ Crisis 25 Nov 2014 Eviction Party @ Rectory Gardens 23 Oct 2014 In Yer Ear #5 07 Oct 2014 Trash Cannes 06 Sept 2014 -----------------------------------------------------------VIDEO Coelacanth #9 Launch 22 June 2014 Nervemeter Benefit 17 May 2014 ------------------------------------------------------VIDEO CVI Festival, Milan 25 Apr 2014 In Yer Ear #2, ----------------------------------------------------------------------VIDEO Nervemeter FUK XMAS 15 Dec 2013 -----------------------------------------------------VIDEO Stewart Home Test Centre LP Launch 21 Nov 2013 Trash Cannes 25 Oct 2013 The Photographers Gallery 24 Oct 2013
Copeland Book Fair 28 Aug 2013
Test Centre and Clinic @ Hannah Barry 12 June 2013 The Book Affair, Venice 29 May 2013 Gentle Art Launch 23 Nov 2012 Day of the Dead @ Tin Tabernacle 29 Oct 2012 William Blake: Visionary Launch @ Freedom Bookshop 6 July 2012 Progporn @ The New Gallery 15 July 2012 The Architecture Association 16 May 2012 West Port Festival, Edinburgh 11 Oct 2011 These Silences, Edinburgh 11 Aug 2011 Well Furnished, Hackney 02 July 2011 Londonist presents..., Lewisham Lit Fest 16 June 2011 The Hardy Tree Launch Old St Pancras Church 15 June 2011 ---------------------------VIDEO RSA Halloween, Royal Academy 31 Oct 2009
57 ways to end it all: The Raincoats Art & Music
Taking a Stand: Stewart Lee The Skinny
Behind the Berlin Wall: Erasmus Schroeter Dazed 
Trolley Books Dazed 
Truth or Dare: DBC Pierre Dazed  
TVPs: As Seen on Screen Dazed 
Orange Prize Interviews Dazed 
Poly Styrene: Plastic Fantastic Dazed 
Head 2 Head: Perry Ogden and Joe McGarry Dazed 
Life Sentences: Eddie Bunker Dazed  
From the gutter to the stars: J.P. Donleavy Dazed 
Real Wilde Child: Julian MacLaren Ross Dazed  
Mario and Melvin van Peebles Dazed
Harlem Ghosttrotters: Elizabeth Heyert Dazed

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