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Short texts

Nothing Old, Nothing New...  |   The White Review   |   Schizm

I do drink, yes. In bars.  |   Nervemeter

For the Suppression of Savage Customs   |   Art & Music

Good vs. Shit   |   Strike!

Dead Beat Escapism  |   The Coelacanth Journal

A Remarkable Machine: Heygate RIP   |   Art & Music

That's Why Your Mum Went To Iceland   |   Strike!

Line   |   International Times

The Playgrind  |   International Times

What Fresh Hell   |   International Times

She Said!   |   International Times


Live readings

purgexxxx presents IB & JK (

Phone Line Dead (Clear Spot on Resonance FM)Resonance FM

Nervemeter Benefit (video)

The Shiner (video)

Trash Cannes, Hastings (video)

George's Marvellous Medicine (video)

The Hardy Tree launch, St. Pancras Old Church(video)